Ransomware Readiness Guide

An In-Depth Evaluation Guide

Four critical actions to counter evolving ransomware threats.

Ransomware Readiness

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and costly while their velocity increases. The average cost of rectifying an attack is over $1.85 million (without paying the ransom).* So, can you risk not strengthening your organization’s cyber resiliency?

This in-depth guide gives you all the practical information and evaluation criteria you’ll need to assess options and find your best-fit solution.

See how these four critical actions empower your organization to counter ransomware:

  • Enterprise-class data security with a defense-in-depth architecture
  • Enhanced data protection with immutable backup snapshots
  • Proactive anomaly detection of potential attacks
  • Confident and rapid recovery at scale

Get your copy of the Ransomware Readiness Guide. Then, with that insight in mind, assess your readiness with the questions in the Cohesity Tip Sheet.

*Sophos State of Ransomware Report