LEAN Services

We are a Private Cloud Service Provider based in Kuwait. Our goal is to empower our clients throughout their digital transformation journey while setting a new standard for customer service. With our cloud offerings, your IT infrastructure can efficiently scale to match the needs of your growing business. With us, as your private cloud provider, rest assured that your data is secure and private, and you have the freedom to run the software stacks of your choice.

Our dedicated team consists of experienced IT and cloud professionals who ensure your data is safe, accessible at all times, and that your operations run smoothly. Our professional IT support staff is available to respond to your queries and help you in whatever way they can. Your business is our priority.

Meet Our Team

Fajhan Almutairi – CEO & Co-Founder

As a proven leader in information technology with over twenty years of experience in the field, Fajhan Almutairi has been helping companies grow their capabilities with keen insight and creative ideas. Mr. Almutairi’s background includes Planning and Development Manager of Qualitynet, and as CTO and CEO of Tawasul Telecom. As CEO of LEAN Services, he aims to draw upon his vast experience to make LEAN Services a transformative force in Kuwait’s IT sector.

Salem Almulaifi – CCO & Co-Founder

Mr. Almulaifi began his career in the IT sector at Qualitynet as an ISP Engineer and ended his tenure with the company as the General Manager of Business Development & Marketing. He went on to Tawasul Telecom, where he helped grow a fledgling start-up into a regional leader in MPLS services in his role as Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer. As company Co-founder, he looks to bring his technical and commercial background to LEAN Services.

Mohammad Alkout – CTO

Beginning his career in 1998, Mr. Alkout joined Qualitynet as an ISP Engineer. He took on several roles in his time with the company including Project Manager. He went on to guide the digital transformation and cloud adoption as IT Manager of Tawasul Telecom. As CTO Mr. Alkout utilizes his management experience and his vast knowledge of network security as he operates and maintains LEAN Services’ Virtual Data Center platform.

Optimize your private cloud

Get visibility into your IT environment and workloads so that you can identify areas to operate more efficiently and potential cost savings.  You will receive a customized report with in-depth technical analysis providing performance insights and resource requirements.