Virtual Data Center

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Virtual Data Center

You’re prepared to shed the complex and resource-intensive task of constructing and managing a data center and eager to migrate your workloads to the cloud. However, migrating to a public cloud provider often entails your teams learning new platforms and potential application refactoring and may not provide the level of security and managed services necessary for a risk-free, uninterrupted business operation. LEAN’s Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a Software-Defined-Data-Center service designed to cater to your specific needs. It allows you to leverage your existing VMware expertise while benefiting from a fully integrated VMware technology stack, including cutting-edge vCloud Director, vRealize Operations, LogInsight, NSX, and vSAN. With VDC, you take control of your cloud environment through an intuitive, self-service management console, enabling you to create VMs and provision and de-provision resources easily. Rest easy with VDC’s built-in, always-on security features, ensuring your workloads and applications remain accessible.

Leveraging the speed, power and flexibility of the cloud can help your organization achieve next-level agility and innovation. However, migrating to the cloud comes with its own set of challenges. Download our ebook, Top 5 Challenges of Migrating Applications to the Cloud, now to discover the five top cloud migration roadblocks and see how LEAN can help you overcome them all.

LEAN's Virtual Data Center (VDC) Delivers a Secure Cloud Experience.

Our VDC service provides a unified management dashboard, offering self-service network provisioning that is securely isolated from the internet to maintain the highest level of data protection. With intuitive monitoring and analytics powered by VMware's state-of-the-art technology, you can manage your enterprise environments effortlessly. Our policy-driven approach allows for fine-grained control, ensuring that your specific requirements are met with precision.

LEAN's Virtual Data Center

LEAN's VDC Benefits

  • Less downtime
  • Faster to migrate
  • Efficient IT infrastructure
  • Improved application performance

Your Cloud, Your Way

Managed VDC

Fortify your business endeavors with LEAN's Managed VDC services. We venture beyond conventional virtual data center solutions by synchronizing with your operational demands to configure, monitor, and oversee your private cloud infrastructure.

Our Service Management Center (SMC) personnel are at your disposal to handle any incidents, ensuring the integrity and availability of your virtual resources. We pinpoint, troubleshoot, and reinstate normal operational functionality of the Managed Components upon detection or reporting of an incident. Following stabilization, we carry out a thorough root cause analysis and furnish you with an incident report, proposing further preventative measures to reinforce the robustness of your virtual infrastructure.

Managed VDC

Frequently Asked Questions

LEAN’s VDC is a cloud-based infrastructure service that allows businesses to set up a data center in a matter of minutes. It offers a range of features, including compute power, storage, and advanced networking & security options.

The VDC service offers several advantages, such as reduced total cost of ownership, time-saving on infrastructure implementation, and access to the latest VMware products and services. It also eliminates the need for costly hardware investments and long-term financial commitments.

The VDC consists of a dedicated pool of virtualized hardware resources, including compute (vCPU and vRAM), storage (with multiple resilience level policies), and networking & security features. You have granular control over each virtual machine, its operating system, performance, network connectivity, and security features.

LEAN’s VDC provides complex, multi-tier virtual networks in seconds. It offers enhanced security features not available with physical equipment, such as micro-segmenting. You can deploy different types of Network and security routers in your virtual network, including Edge Services Router (ESR) and Distributed Logical Router (DLR).

The VDC comes with a user management portal that allows you to allocate resources, create VMs, manage users and their rights, and handle various network and security settings. You can also access utilization metrics and operational alerts.

The VDC service offers visibility into your IT environment and workloads, allowing you to identify areas for more efficient operation and potential cost savings. You will receive a customized report with in-depth technical analysis providing performance insights and resource requirements.

You can get a free assessment for your specific needs by contacting LEAN.

LEAN also offers Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Backup as a Service (BaaS), which can complement the VDC service for a comprehensive IT solution.

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