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Ransomware Readiness

Simplified Backup for Enhanced Value

Maximize your data's potential while minimizing costs with LEAN's Backup as a Service (BaaS). Our unified platform supports both traditional and modern data sources, offering seamless backup and recovery across hybrid and multicloud environments.

Cybercriminals aren’t just locking up and encrypting files anymore — they’re attacking backups, exfiltrating that data, and threatening to release it on the dark web unless they get their ransom payments. As scary as this new reality is, you can counter evolving ransomware threats and minimize the blast radius of potential attacks.

Find out how to boost your cyber resiliency with these 5 Strategies to Secure, Monitor, and Restore.

Ransomware Immune Backups Powered by Cohesity

At LEAN, we understand the paramount importance of data security and comprehensive backup solutions. That’s why we are proud to be a premium Cohesity service provider partner and a professional services partner. Our partnership with Cohesity is at the core of our mission to provide clients with cutting-edge and robust data protection services.

Cohesity Premier Partner

Why Cohesity?

Cohesity stands at the forefront of data management and protection. Renowned for its innovative approach to safeguarding data, Cohesity offers an array of features that perfectly align with our commitment to ransomware immune backup and data protection.

Cohesity Professional Services Authorized Partner - Data Protection

Our Expertise: Your Assurance

As a certified professional services partner of Cohesity, our team is well-versed in implementing and optimizing Cohesity-powered solutions. Our expertise, combined with Cohesity's cutting-edge technology, ensures that you receive the highest quality of service and protection for your data assets.

Cohesity Professional Services Authorized Partner - File and Object

Why LEAN's Backup & Data Protection?

Managed Backup & Data Protection Services

Secure your critical data with LEAN's Managed Backup & Data Protection services. We go beyond traditional backup solutions by aligning with your data retention policies to configure, monitor, and execute backup processes.

Our Service Management Center (SMC) staff is on standby to manage any incidents, ensuring the integrity and availability of your backups. We identify, troubleshoot, and restore normal operational functionality of the Managed Components if an incident is detected or reported. After normalization, we conduct a root cause analysis and provide you with an incident report, recommending further preventative measures.

Managed backup

Frequently Asked Questions

LEAN’s BaaS is designed to protect your virtual machines, bare metal servers, enterprise applications, databases, and primary storage systems. It offers a comprehensive backup solution that ensures rapid recovery and data protection.

LEAN’s BaaS offers features like ransomware protection, fast and flexible recovery with instant mass restore, reduced storage footprint, non-disruptive storage upgrades, and immutable protection layers.

Our BaaS solution boasts built-in anti-ransomware capabilities that include immutable snapshots, multifactor authentication, data encryption in flight and at rest and granular role-based access.

Powered by Cohesity, LEAN’s BaaS provides a single solution for consolidating backup and target storage, which seamlessly synchronizes with storage media. It also offers a simple management interface for deployment, management, and recovery.

The Fast Global Search feature allows for a unique global actionable search across all workloads and locations from a single user interface, facilitating file-level recovery.

LEAN’s BaaS offers reduced total cost of ownership through features like data deduplication and compression, which free up storage capacity and maximize storage efficiency.

Data Isolation is a feature that adds an additional layer of protection against ransomware attacks by isolating your data through a simple policy-based automated air gap.

LEAN’s BaaS includes built-in security encryption for data backups, ensuring that your data is securely protected.

Immutable Backups prevent external systems from targeting your backups, adding an extra layer of protection through features like DataLock (WORM) and RBAC.

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