secure, rapid recovery with built-in encryption & zero capital investment

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Businesses of today are data-driven and require robust IT departments just to manage and maintain mission-critical software and applications. Relying on a substandard or antiquated business continuity plan for protection against potential disasters could leave your business exposed to loss of customer confidence, direct loss of revenue, missed business opportunities, damage to brand identity, potential legal liability and others.

Therefore, having a business continuity plan is no longer just an option. The question is: how long will it take for your business to recover when disaster strikes?

Traditional disaster recovery schemes often rely on offsite backups or internal disaster recovery. Both methods are slow, expensive, and usually do not offer a comprehensive recovery solution.

Simple, Easy, Zero Capital Investment

Prepare your business for the worst-case scenario and achieve high availability and reliable business continuity. With your critical workloads replicated to any of LEAN Services’ private data centers in Kuwait, you can rest assured that your IT resources remain operational even during a catastrophic event.


Our cutting edge Disaster Recovery and Migration services provide:

  • Simple deployment & maintenance
  • Built-in encryption
  • No upfront capital investment
  • Rapid recovery guaranteed

Protect your network and mission-critical systems from malware attacks, hardware and power failure, human error, natural disaster, and others.

The Disaster Recovery Service offered by LEAN Services is built for organizations of all sizes, enabling real-time replication of your running workloads and applications, whether on-premise, on-cloud or to an offsite location, ensuring minimal disruption to your business even in the event of a complete site failure.

DRaaS powered by VMware

DRaaS - VMware

Management of the DRaaS system utilizes VMware tools for workloads that require real-time replication between your on-premise VMware environment to the LEAN Services cloud. You can rely on automatic recovery if the unexpected happens.
A modern web interface, native integrations, new rapid appliance deployment models, and a single, role-based access control portal make for simple, seamless integration into VMware cloud Director.

  • Set up and validate your Disaster Recovery in minutes
  • Seamless test for failover and failback scenarios without interrupting your existing operations
  • Achieve your RPOs (Recovery Point Objective) with high confidence
  • You can even pre-define your recovery points for added security and manageability
  • Prioritize boot order of critical machines over less critical Vms and preserve dependencies

DRaaS powered by COHESITY

LEAN Services DRaaS, Powered by Cohesity, provides advanced, snap-shot based VM replication, reliable off-site protection, and business continuity with instant mass recovery in case of a catastrophic event at a primary site and streamlined disaster recovery for VMware [and other Hypervisors with translation] — ensuring the Availability of your mission-critical applications. Replicate VMs onsite for high-availability or offsite for disaster recovery. Get replicas off-site to your LEAN Services VDC data center and avoid the cost and complexity of building and maintaining a disaster recovery site.


LEAN Services makes disaster recovery easy and secure with Cohesity

  • Recover & Restore
  • Utilize DRaaS as part of a comprehensive data management strategy and perform disaster recovery in the cloud
  • Replicate to the cloud for cost-effective disaster recovery. Spin up cloud instances of VMs with automatic format conversion
  • Enable disaster recovery that is simple to set up, easy-to-use, and includes:
    • Site Failure: Replicate from one site to another (on-premises or in the cloud) to guard against complete failures
    • Automatic Replication: Use policy-based automation for backups and replication
    • Data Reuse: Easily replicate data to an alternate location for other purposes, such as dev/test or analytics

Optimize your private cloud

Get visibility into your IT environment and workloads so that you can identify areas to operate more efficiently and potential cost savings.  You will receive a customized report with in-depth technical analysis providing performance insights and resource requirements.