backup as a service for business-critical apps & databases


Businesses and organizations realize three things quickly during their daily operations:

  1. Any computer system can crash
  2. Anyone can make errors
  3. Disasters seem to happen when you least expect it or are least prepared for it

Therefore, data backup and rapid recovery are essential parts of running a successful business.

LEAN’s Backup as a Service (BaaS) offerings are designed to protect your virtual machines (regardless of the hypervisor) and bare metal servers, provide full support for your enterprise applications and databases and protect your primary storage systems and NAS devices.

Backup as a Service

Powered by Cohesity, we offer a single solution for consolidating backup & target storage, which seamlessly synchronizes with storage media, and is managed by a single and simple management interface for deployment, management, and recovery. The result is rapid recovery for securely protected workloads, with anti-ransomware capabilities.

Ransomware protection
Fast, Flexible recovery with instant mass restore
Reduced storage footprint
Non-disruptive storage upgrades
Immutable protection layers
Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
Policy-Based Management


Optimize your private cloud

Get visibility into your IT environment and workloads so that you can identify areas to operate more efficiently and potential cost savings.  You will receive a customized report with in-depth technical analysis providing performance insights and resource requirements.